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Six weeks to 12 months

The "Cuddle Corner" is your infants home away form home. You infant will receive attention, nurturing and a whole lot of love.

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The T.L.C. Difference

No Registration Fees. Vouchers Accepted

For infants and babies, we treat your child as if they were our own. Although no one a parents place, our staff is 100% dedicated to giving your child exceptional care, professional supervision, and everything they need to be happy and healthy.

At this age infants require a clean, safe and nurturing environment. They need attention, are eager to communicate, and are aware of the world around them. It is important to meet their needs by: 

  • Cuddling, diaper changes, naps

  • Talking, reading, and singing

  • Playing appropriate music for their age

  • Promoting tummy time

  • Activities involve play that helps develop gripping, looking, crawling, grasping, holding, playing and other related activities that engage fine and gross motor training.

  • We will focus on love and trust as we expose your infant early development by playing music, singing, lots of hugs and personal attention.

  • Providing floor time for development of gross motor skills

  • Introducing toys suitable for fine motor skills and sensory stimulation

  • Preparing appropriate sleeping areas designed for babies

Serving Phoenix since 2007


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