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3 years to 5 years

The "Learning Lab" is where your preschooler will learn about themselves and the works through exploration and experimentation. Our hands-n, child focused approach to mental, physical and behavioral development prepares preschoolers for the transition to  kindergarten.

Kindergarten Show


The T.L.C. Difference

Meals and snacks are included. No Registration Fees. Vouchers Accepted

At T.L.C. Child Enrichment®, we prepare your preschooler for a successful year in the wonderful world of kindergarten. Our skilled pre-kindergarten teachers help build essential skills by carefully crafting engaging activities that balance instructed learning and purposeful play.

Your child will be taught fine motor skills, reading, writing and math readiness. They will be able to retell stories and, in the process learn to sequence. Simple analogies are also introduced to expand critical thinking skills. Throughout their time in preschool, your child will develop self-esteem, learn how to follow instructions, listen, and communicate effectively, practice self-control, connect with others, manage bathroom needs and actively participate in physical activities.

We consistently evaluate your child’s kindergarten readiness based on age-appropriate benchmarks to assess individual growth and development.

Core Value Curriculum for Preschoolers

Our Preschool curriculum ensures daily activities and lessons including arts and crafts, songs and language development, foundational lessons in math and science, social-emotional learning, and multi-cultural activities. A typical preschoolers day at T.L.C. Child Enrichment® looks like:

  • Arrival, Breakfast, Gathering Time

  • Learning Through Play – indoor or outdoor (weather permitting)

  • Circle Time

  • Snack Time

  • Adventure Time – Application of Group Lesson

  • Art lesson and Individual Centers

  • Lunch Time

  • Stories and Songs

  • Nap time/Quiet time

  • Snack Time

  • Learning Through Play – indoor or outdoor (weather permitting)

  • Group Activity

  • Individual Play Until Departure

  • Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Serving Phoenix Since 2007

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