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12 months to 3.5 years

The "Discovery Zone" is where your toddler will enjoy learning and mastering new found skills. Toddlers are given the tools to nurture their minds and bodies.



The T.L.C. Difference

Meals and snacks are included. No Registration Fees. Vouchers Accepted

Your becoming more verbal, continuing to explore new things around them and  developing new social skills. A balanced routine and flexibility is important at this age as your child’s developmental needs are different from their peers.  Our certified staff will help inspire curiosity and imagination in a way that is unique to your toddler’s individual interests. To do this, our toddler classrooms are designed to encourage purposeful play where our Educators guide your child through age-appropriate learning experiences that prepare them with the knowledge they need to be confident as they grow.

Core Value Curriculum

Our Core Value Curriculum develops a variety of skills for toddlers, including physical, language, social-emotional, cognitive, self-help and gross and fine motor skills.  These skills are integrated through music, art, table toys, movement, games, puzzles and books.  A predictable, yet responsive daily schedule meets the needs of children with both structure and flexibility.  Although Educators attend to individual needs, the group or whole class experience is a very important aspect of our program.  By continually listening, talking, and describing actions to our toddlers, we help enhance vocabulary, expand expressive language skills, develop self-esteem, and increase awareness. 

Serving Phoenix since 2007


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